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What Your Website & Ecommerce Store Colors Say About You - Part 2

What Your Website & Ecommerce Store Colors Say About You - Part 2

We continue taking a look at popular website and Ecommerce store colors, deciphering what they mean, and showing examples of good color usage of each. As one of the five major senses, Sight plays a major psychological influence in how you present your website / Ecommerce store to potential customers whether you are a Service Provider or a Small Business.

Missed the first article? You can read the first part of What Your Website & Ecommerce Store Colors Say About You where Blue, Purple, Green, Black, White and Red were discussed.

In this 2nd part, we’ll look at Orange, Yellow, Gray, Brown and Pink.


Orange, similar to Red is a high visibility color but conveys: Joy, Sunshine, Happiness, Determination, Fun, Adventure, Forward Thinking, Vitality and Optimism.

Like the smell of citrus, the color is also associated with healthy food and stimulates the appetite.

Here are some good examples of the color Orange in use:

ING Direct – When ING was first introduced, it had one of the highest interest rates for savings accounts and was primarily an online bank. While they utilize the color Blue popularly used for banking institutions, they also strategically use Orange to suggest “out-of-the-box” thinking and to drive the eye to key areas of the site.

Update 6/14/13 : ING has been acquired by Capital One 360 and have transitioned their brand. In doing so, the site is no longer predominately Orange, but now Red!

ING - Color Orange Usage

AutoZone – Are you humming the theme song? “Get in the Zone…. AUTO-ZONE!” (Apparently, I am!) This Ecommerce site utilizes a lot of Orange to show determination (of car repair) along with the feeling of adventure and optimism that mechanics and repair enthusiasts have. It drives customers to get “pumped up.”

AutoZone- Color Orange Usage


Yellow is an attention-getter color and conveys: Sunshine, Energy, Joy, Cheerfulness, Unstableness, Spontaneity, Modern Outlook, Pretentious, Creative and Youthful.

Think taxi-cabs, school buses, highlighters and the like.

Here are some good examples of the color Yellow in use:

Shicon – A creative agency based in Italy with offices in the US, UK, and India, uses bright Yellow to convey their high energy and their joy for design. Upon a glance, you get the feeling of a fairly young team behind the wheel but highly creative and enthusiastic.

Shicon - Color Yellow in Usage

Symantec – This Fortune 500 Company, with the family of Norton AntiVirus products, utilizes Yellow as their main accent color on a White background. Besides the attention-getting color choice, other “feelings” associated with Yellow doesn’t seem to apply to this product. They certainly don’t want to seem “Unstable” or “Young.” However, the mainly White background (Remember “Safety”, “Perfection”, and “Simplicity”) balances out the bright spots of Yellow areas to keep the eye and the brain “energized” on the anti-virus solution (a topic that’s typically not too exciting)

Symantec - Color Yellow in Usage


Gray is the color of compromise, as it’s between Black and White and conveys: Neutrality, Hibernation, Intelligence, Class, Sleekness, Long-Lasting, Conservatism, Lackluster Energy, and Depression.

You’d be hard pressed not find a website with some sort of gray. (If you do find one, please comment! Would love to see it) It’s a perfect neutral color and one popularly used to divide sections/color.

Here are some good examples of the color Gray in use:

Nucleus Gallery – A local art gallery and store that I frequent, uses the color Gray to make sure their products/artwork is the main focus for your eyes. If they had used Black/White, it would’ve been too sterile and harsh in addition to being too “museum-like.” They Gray is the perfect balance to the artwork colors as well as looking sleek. Pops of Red really make the pieces they want to highlight stand out as well.

Nucleus Gallery - Color Gray in Usage

Dockers – The leading brand of business casual clothing uses mostly Gray, with pops of Orange, in addition to Brown. The choice of Gray evokes a sense of “Long-lasting” apparel as well as being a “Classic” pair of pants. And rightly so, as they’ve been around since 1986!  The mainly “Intelligent” color use mixed with bits of “Forward-Thinking” (Orange) and “Reliability” (Brown) makes the perfect combo choice for this brand.

Dockers - Color Gray in Usage


Brown is the color of Earth, usually associated with nature, and conveys: Reliability, Stability, Masculinity, Warmth, Support, Solidity, Honesty, Seriousness, and Frugality.

Think of Park Rangers, Chocolate, Paper Bags, Trees, Coffee, Pets, Leather, etc. All these words have a connotation with reliability, comfort, solidity, and masculinity. If you were considering Black, try a deep shade of Brown to see what other vibes you can get.

Here are some good examples of the color Brown in use:

4th Street Cookie- This all-Brown website oozes warmth. What better product to capitalize on this warm color than Cookies? As you can see, a deep rich Brown is also a great base for energetic colors like Orange and Red. 

4th Street Cookie - Color Brown in Usage

Throwboy Pillows – A site that specializes in geeky pillows uses Brown to indicate “Reliability” of their products in addition to “Warmth.” The wood panel header throws in just a bit of “Masculinity” to get the message across that these pillows are unisex. What do you usually feel when you hug a pillow? Does this site make you feel that way? (It does for me!)

Throwboy - Color Brown Usage


Pink is the ultra-color of Femininity and conveys: Romance, Friendship, Passiveness, Nurturing, Warmth, Love, Generosity, Maternal Instinct, Immature, Calmness, Sweetness and Youthful.

Baby girls, Barbie, Lipstick, Victoria’s Secret, Cotton Candy are some of the instant Pink words that come to mind, and all relate to femininity and softness.

Here are some good examples of the color Pink in use:

MumMade – A site specializing in selling baby products that are created by stay-at-home Moms or Dads uses Pink on Gray to symbolize “Youth,” “Maternal Instinct,” “Love,” and “Sweetness.” Although they do have products for boys, the amount of Pink isn’t overpowering to convey it’s only for females.

MumMade - Color Pink Usage

Central Snowsports – A ski gear and equipment rental site crushes all previous notions of “Pink” and uses “Magenta” (a dark vibrant pink) as the main color of their site. It’s as eye-catching as Red but not as harsh, and conveys “Youth” and “Adventure.” 

Central Snowsports - Color Pink in Usage

By now, you should have a better understanding of what colors to use for your site depending on what you want to convey based on your products/services. You can also generate color palettes based on images or a logo here.

If you’re still having trouble deciding on color choices for your website or Ecommerce store, write down words that you want your customers to perceive your product/site as and go from there.

Got questions? Do you want to share your website and color palette? Comment below!

Good luck!

+Alice Ly
Social Media Manager
Lucrazon Ecommerce

photo credit: scribbletaylor via photopin cc

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