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What Your Website and Ecommerce Store Colors Say About You - Part 1

What Your Website and Ecommerce Store Colors Say About You - Part 1

Human brains are instinctively wired to respond to color. As highly visual humans, we perceive specific colors with various emotions, and sometimes act upon them without even knowing the reason why.  As one of the five major senses, Sight plays a major psychological influence in how you present your website or Ecommerce store to potential customers.

How customers react, how they move from page to page, how comfortable they are with spending, how coherent your Ecommerce store is will be determined by your site’s color palette. If you’re a customer of Lucrazon, our customizable website templates allow you to pick any color in the spectrum.

But before you pick colors based on your preference, let’s get a better understanding on how colors are read.

In this 2-part article, we take a look at popular colors, what they mean, and show examples of good usage for each.


Blue is a universally liked color that conveys: Trust, Peace, Amazement, Calmness, Intelligence, Old-Fashioned Ways, and Responsibility. Think of police officers in uniform, banks, federal institutions etc. The darker the blue, the more authority it has. Lighter blues inspire creativity, freedom, and is non-threatening.

Here are some good examples of the color Blue in use:

Drugstore – For an Ecommerce store that sells health, beauty, medicinal, and household items, Blue is a good color choice as it gives a feeling of calm and trust in the products. - Color Blue Usage

Chase – Here’s an example of a bank that utilizes Blue to convey their intelligence along with providing a sense of trust and responsibility in their service.

Chase - Color Blue Usage


Purple is one of the least used site colors and conveys: Royalty, Power, Wealth, Wisdom, Mystery, Dignity, Ambition, and Spirituality. Light purple evokes a feminine feeling, while deeper purples look more powerful which are good for luxurious items/services. Since the color Purple doesn’t happen naturally in nature, it can appear exotic as well.

Here are some good examples of the color Purple in use:

Woman to Woman – A doctor specializing in Gynecology  uses different shades of purple to appeal to her customer base: women. It shows wisdom in her service along with conveying that her patients will be treated with class and dignity.

Woman to Woman - Color Purple Usage

Cleo Annex Salon – While mostly black, the Purple accents work well with a hair salon as going to one is a luxury. Women pay to get pampered and in addition, the site evokes a mysterious air as the end service result (whether it be a haircut or other services) could be pleasing or disastrous. 

Cleo Annex Salon - Color Purple Usage


Green is the easiest color for human eyes to process and conveys Nature, Balance, Refreshment, Growth, Luck, Greed, Money, and Safety. Darker green associates best with money, while lighter green goes well with organic items, and health products.

Here are some good examples of the color Green in use:

Simple – A skincare Ecommerce site uses Green to promote a pleasing sense of natural products (even when it’s not organic) so customers can feel healthy and “fresh.” 

Simple - Color Green Usage

Cubescripts – A real estate PHP script company uses Green (and Blue) to have a combination feeling of safety (green) and reliability (blue). 

Cubescripts - Color Green Usage


Black is devoid of all color, is unfriendly on the eyes, and conveys:  Power, Elegance, Mystery, Death, Sophistication, Fear, Unknown, Strength, and Authority. It’s an aggressive color scheme but contrasts well with other bright colors.

Here are some good examples of the color Black in use:

Spyder – An Ecommerce site specializing in snow apparel uses Black to highly contrast with the typically bright clothing related to snow gear. It also mimics the adrenaline rush you get when you’re flying down the mountain with chance of the unknown happening.

Spyder - Color Black Usage

Inkefx – An Ecommerce store specializing in self-illustrated t-shirts uses Black as a frame for vivid designs to pop. The somewhat abstract designs also lend an air of mystery for customers who wear the products.

Inkefx - Color Black Usage


White is the combination of all colors, is most widely used and conveys: Simplicity, Innocence, Perfection, Safety, Cleanliness, Positivity, Sterility, and Hygiene. Think hospitals, doctors and scientists with white lab coats. Medical practices use White to indicate cleanliness, but too much white can be too sterile.

Here are some good examples of the color White in use:

Bluefly – An Ecommerce store specializing in selling designer clothing and accessories at a discounted price, the color White is used to implicate perfection in their designer products with a dash of Light Blue to show calmness and creativity.

Bluefly - Color White Usage

Envirosax – Like Black, White can be a powerful base for color contrast. Here, a designer reusable bag Ecommerce store uses White to showcase the products cleanly and vividly. Due to the environmentally-friendly nature of the bags, the White background features them in a positive light.

Envirosax - Color White Usage


Red gives a literal meaning to the term “seeing red” and conveys: Danger, Passion, Fire, Love, Anger, Courage, Action, Energy, and Sexuality.

It’s a highly visible color and stimulates people to make quick decisions, which make it a good choice for “Buy Now” and “Click Here” call-to-actions. Sports cars in red just seem “faster” than other colored cars and are also an easy attention-grabber for highway patrol.

Here are some good examples of the color Red in use:

McMillers Sweets Emporium – As a sweets lover, I know my heart raced a little upon viewing this site. Red stimulates the appetite, children are drawn to the color, and it drives adults to take action. (McDonald’s colors sound familiar?)

McMillers Sweets - Color Red Usage

Total Wine & More – When using deeper reds, sophistication is conveyed, which match well with the wine products of this site. Could it also be related to how red wines are consumed by more advanced wine connoisseurs? 

Total Wine & More - Color Red Usage

Are you looking at colors a little bit differently now?  Tomorrow we'll go over Part 2 discussing Orange, Yellow, Grey, Brown, and Pink.


+Alice Ly
Social Media Manager
Lucrazon Ecommerce

photo credit: scribbletaylor via photopin cc

1 Comments To "What Your Website and Ecommerce Store Colors Say About You - Part 1"
MantaGraphix - 02/07/2014

Great information on how human brains are instinctively wired to respond to color and specially how store color affects the overall look and feel of an e-commerce website. Look forward to Part 2

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