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Help! Twitter Suspended Me - Q & A Edition

Help! Twitter Suspended Me - Q & A Edition

Last month, I reported that our Lucrazon Twitter account was mistakenly suspended for 2.5 days and documented the steps to retrieve the account back.

Since then, the blog post had collected questions/comments from various readers that I’d like to highlight and answer more in detail.

1. Asked by Angela J. Shirley:

"Hi Alice, I am so glad I found your information and have a question for you.

Twitter closed/solved my situation 5 times, but my account is still suspended.

 I have submitted another request with the following text:

Hi, you have marked my previous request as resolved/closed and was wondering if anyone can tell me if my suspended account will be reactivated? Thanks!
July 22, 2013 08:32 pm

I am starting to worry that they may not reactivate my account so I added the following comment to the same request.

Also, can you tell me what I did wrong so that I do not get my account suspended again? I just created this new account on 7/22/13 and read all of your rules. Thanks again!
July 22, 2013 08:37 pm

This last request is being processed as I write, but I am skeptical as the last ones went to the usual resolved/closed after 15 to 30 minutes. Help!"

Alice / Lucrazon Answer:

The first thing that I’d like to point out is the polite and upbeat tone that Angela used in her reply. This is very important! No matter how confounded or frustrated you may be, there is a human being on the Twitter helpdesk side reading your emails, so it would do your case no good to lash out at the Representative. (Considering that the Representative reading is most likely not the one that suspended your account.)  So remember to be polite!

Another crucial point is that Angela mentioned that she read the rules. This is also good for them to know.

Now going back to the question – It’s unusual that Twitter had marked “resolved” or closed Angela’s case multiple times but the account was still suspended. And in particular, that it was a brand new account.

So without knowing more background information, there could be several factors that could’ve flagged her account so quickly -

1. She previously had multiple Twitter accounts that were suspended, so they’ve blocked her IP.
2. There could’ve been trigger words in her description that Twitter thought was against the rules
3. There could’ve been 3rd party applications connected to her account that Twitter didn’t like

If your case was solved, Angela, please let us know what had happened!

2. Comment by Justin:

"Suspended today. Still no idea why. Have sent in a couple of unsuspend requests, but no reply yet. Thanks for the zendesk location. nice to know I can at least see if they are still "working" on the issue. How ironic they call their Help Desk the "Zen Desk". Nothing very zen about causing this kind of stress for people by randomly suspending accounts. Was following 13 people and had 3 followers. Account suspended for "aggressive following" REALLY!"

Alice / Lucrazon Answer:

Twitter’s ticketing site is a Customer Service Software named ZenDesk that’s not found very easily as they publicly push the knowledge base of the Help Center more. After all, if you can find your own answer in their online directory of FAQs, then it’s more convenient for both yourself and their Representatives as there’s no time lost to ticket replies.

However, for situations like suspensions, you need more personalized help.  (In addition to checking if they’re working on your case!)

 To check your ticket status and history, bookmark this link:

For Justin’s case, it’s something I’ve read multiple times when I was researching for how to solve our suspension. Many people just don’t know what they’ve been suspended for, and Twitter doesn’t provide details as to why either.

For his account to be suspended due to “aggressive following,” it could be possible that he followed all 13 people within a duration that Twitter deemed “too quick.” For instance, as an example, this formula could be following 10 people within 3 minutes etc.

So be sure to spread out your “Follows” and bookmark ones you’d like to follow at a later time. Twitter really wants to make sure that the people you’re following are people you truly feel are of interest.

3. Comment by Abdulla:

"I have been sent an appeal to my account before 2 days and I didn’t find it in my inbox"

Alice / Lucrazon Answer:

Be sure to check the inbox that your Twitter account is associated to. In my case, I had created a company specific Gmail account that forwards all mail to my Outlook. When I didn’t receive the email, I panicked, but realized that mail forwarding had been reset and the Twitter email was sitting in my Gmail inbox instead of being in my Outlook.

So be sure that the inbox you’re checking and expecting an email in is the actual email that’s tied to the account that’s in suspension!

If you still don’t see an email, check your ZenDesk Home to see the status of your ticket.

4. Comment by WachoM:

"Glad I found this because it makes me feel a *little* better, and I hadn't found the place to check the status of my ticket, so I'm glad I know how to do that now. It says processing. It has been 2 weeks since I first appealed the suspension!! Now, I haven't used Twitter in a very long time and I had logged in for the first time in months.. maybe a year.. maybe more even. Perhaps my account did get hacked in that time. I had barely used it before that."

Alice / Lucrazon Answer:

It seems like their response time varies depending on the case especially for an inactive account. If WachoM’s password was too easy, then it could’ve been compromised and Twitter will protect the account by suspending it. If you’re in a situation that you logged into a very old account, only to find it suspended, it might be easier (and faster) to create a secondary account to use.

I didn’t cover all the questions, but hopefully this gives an idea of what others had asked, and know that you’re not alone!

If you have a question, feel free to comment below! Or share your experience if you’ve gotten suspended before.


+Alice Ly
Social Media Manager

57 Comments To "Help! Twitter Suspended Me - Q & A Edition"
charles russaw - 11/12/2014

I just created a new Twitter account and I was thinking about it but I'm sure you can help me wit my Twitter account please
Alice Ly - Lucrazon - 09/29/2014

Hi Ellie, I'm sorry you're not getting the help you deserve! Unfortunately the only thing I can suggest is to create another account to tweet them @Support to refer to your original ticket or give up on that account if you're not too attached to it.
Alice Ly - Lucrazon - 09/29/2014

Hi Rox, have you tried tweeting them at @Support with a reference to your original ticket #?
Alice Ly - Lucrazon - 09/29/2014

Hi Lebaka, they normally don't tell you the reason, (which can be frustrating). If you're really attached to that account, I would suggest to keep appealing/submitting tickets to unsuspend it. Otherwise, you can move on with creating a new account.
Yolee cavazos - 09/29/2014

it's been 5 days and I have no idea why it is suspended. I reread the messages, and I filled out that form they have for Twitter suspension and got a reply saying they'll work on my case but it's been 5 days. Someone help.
Zoe S - 09/23/2014

Hi, my account has been suspended now for 2 weeks. I never got an email from twitter explaining why I was suspended. I have filled out many tickets/appeals or whatever you want to call them. They send an automated email back and tell me to read the best practises page and the rules to do with twitter. So which I've read on many sites, I've replied to that email with the same info as my ticket but I've had no reply. It's been 2 weeks and and getting really frustrated. I've went on to 'zendesk' to track my ticket. Every ticket says it's been marked as solved/closed but I've had no email back explaining why I was suspended etc. What the hell do I do? I realise twitter have a lot of cases to deal with. Sorry that this is so long . But can anyone help me? Thank you!!
Ellie - 09/19/2014

I have no idea why my account was suspended and I keep trying to appeal the suspension and I do get an email back about them knowing I'm trying to appeal and every time I reply to /that/ email, I get nothing back from them and it's not even showing on zendesk! It seems as though they're only doing half the job. Please help?
Rox - 09/19/2014

They keep marking my tickets as solved & such but I haven't gotten my reply, my IP isn't blocked because I can make new accounts & also, I ask for help and they won't help. Please tell me what else can I do? I feel like I'm being ignored.
Lebaka - 08/19/2014

My account has been suspended for what reason idk plz help i wnt to restore my account
Alice Ly - Lucrazon - 07/29/2014

Hello everyone, please remember that we're not affiliated with Twitter and do not have the power to un-suspend your account. This is an article to help answer some questions based on a personal suspension experience. Thank you!

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