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SmallBizChat Recap: Instant Action Marketing Ideas to Boost Your Sales

SmallBizChat Recap: Instant Action Marketing Ideas to Boost Your Sales


It’s Thursday and time for another SmallBizChat recap, a weekly Twitter chat where small business owners can get answers to their questions!

Last night’s topic was “Instant Action Marketing Ideas to Boost Your Sales” with guest of honor, David Newman, Author of the Do It! Marketing book, with hosts Melinda Emerson and Amanda Mogul.

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This time, I’m going to change the format a bit to (hopefully) make it easier to read, have less scrolling, and also add my thoughts to the questions/answers presented.

Let’s go!

What advice are you giving businesses today that are drastically different from 5 years ago?

*Note: Twitter was created in 2006 so it did exist

Do you remember the social media landscape 5 years ago? It’s amazing to see how far and how fast it’s growing! It was a time when Blogger beat out Facebook in unique visitors with Windows Live Spaces and Yahoo Geocities (!) still in the Top 10. (source: ComScore)

Nowadays there are 500+ social media sites, with the following as dominant:

Nielson Top Social Network Stats
(Source: Nielson, December 2012)

But with everyone competing to be on social media, how does marketing change?

The keyword is to HELP people. Genuinely. To explain further, let’s borrow Melinda Emerson’s great HELP Mantra again:

H – elp others
E – engage people
L – listen first
P – promote yourself with care

I discuss this further in a previous article – Social Media 3 Common Thoughts Clarified

Another piece of advice that David gives is to get involved in 1 or 2 social media channels that make sense for your business. That is, where YOUR buyers and prospects are. Don’t spread yourself so thin on multiple networks that you can’t focus!

With so much marketing noise out there, how can businesses make themselves heard?

David continues that CLARITY on your business’ part greatly increases your buyers’ confidence. And when they’re confident, the natural next step is to buy!

An exercise that you can perform right now is to see if your messaging is clear or not. Try it on a loved one or a friend that doesn’t know your business, and see if they understand your 1-2 sentence business description. If they don’t understand, ask them why and you could see areas of improvement that you can make right away.

With so many marketing options out there, how do you suggest business owners prioritize or focus their efforts?

David also mentions EEE (Easy, Effortless, and Enjoyable) marketing. That is, if it’s EEE, then you’ll be ready to do it every day. If it’s not…well…then you won’t.

What are the 3 things people can do right now to get a boost in their marketing efforts?

I completely agree with this, and it’s similar to the previous exercise I mentioned. If you can explain what you do clearly and concisely to a person unfamiliar with your business AND get them interested (fulfilling the “So what?” part) then you are solid.

What is “thought leadership” marketing and why is it important?

This stems back to the HELP mantra. A way to genuinely help people is to solve their problems. After all, you started your business to solve one problem or another right? No matter what the business, there should be some way to provide your expertise (without blatant selling) via your blog, social media posts, and other updates. You can also leverage customers you’ve served, particularly if you solved a difficult problem for them. It’s boosting your impression, and it’s also an online nod/appreciation sent their way that everyone likes!

What’s the first step business owners should take to find “hot button” issues they can use in their marketing?

Speaking/writing upon hot button issues (current problems, current topics) provide a way for you to enter the conversation, especially if you can tailor it to your expertise. What are the most talked about problems going on now that you can speak or shed insight on? With the ease of using the Internet, and people being more free with their thoughts, this information is much more accessible.

Is there an online way that small business owners can become thought leaders?

Blogging on your own website is a great platform to start. You can then take those posts and share them to your other social media profiles (like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn) If you prefer powerpoint decks, upload them on Slideshare, and you can embed the deck into your blog too! Or perhaps, you prefer short videos on how to do something. Upload your videos on YouTube, and in turn, embed the video on your blog with detailed written instructions. Now a customer can have multiple ways to find you. There are many ways to distribute content, and re-use/dissect content, so use the platforms to your advantage!

What are the top 3 marketing strategies you suggest small business owners focus on?

David continues with: “Then figure out what they are passionate to learn, to do, or to become. Finally, start talking about, sharing, and connecting them with resources that solve those problems and heartaches. Do so publicly via speaking, publishing, networking, both online and offline – the floodgates will open for you.”

Everything makes complete sense right? Take a look at the businesses/leaders you admire or follow and see how they approach solving problems and how they interact with their prospects.

Thanks to SmallBizChat for hosting another compelling topic! Up next week:


+Alice Ly
Social Media Manager

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