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SmallBizChat: How to Leverage Google+ for your Small Business

SmallBizChat: How to Leverage Google+ for your Small Business


It's Thursday, and time for a SmallBizChat recap! A weekly Twitter chat where small business owners can get answers to their questions!

Last night's topic was "How to Leverage Google+ for your Small Business" with guest of honor, Martin Shervington, with host Melinda Emerson.

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Q1: Why should every small business be on Google+ now?

Martin continues: "If they do, you must use Google+ as IT IS Google. I'll say that again, Google+ is Google. Google has put a social layer across its products and services, and this layer is called Google+. Google+ helps SMB’s easily connect with people and speeds your content into the arms of interested audience"

Q2: So, knowing Google+ is really Google 2.0, what are the direct business benefits?

Martin continues: "Think of it this way: SMB’s need customers, and most use Google to 'Search' Might sound harsh: if your ignoring Google+ you're really ignoring the 'new' Google - competition may not be. Google search restructuring means there’s opportunity to connect to customers like never before."

Q3: What about people who are already all "socialed out" with Facebook and Twitter?

Martin continues: "Social is a way for people to find and relate, amplify your messages, ultimately to connect with you Google+ is a party like no other - as a global network (the same as Twitter), find & build your tribe. Google+ is 2 yrs old now – is rapidly evolving, many predict it will be bigger than Facebook within 7 years"

Q4: Let's say I'm convinced to get started on Google+ Should I have a profile or a Google+ page?

Martin continues: "You can flow information from your Page to your Profile which helps gives it legs. Also you want to link up both brand and personal Google+ pages to your website. Pro tip: Make the look and feel of the images you use 'relatable' - helps people want to connect! Seek like-minded people in Google+ communities, share relevant content there = great way to get a lift!"

Q5: What about the Google Hover card that I hear about?

Martin continues: "The hover card appears all over the Plus, a bit like a virtual business card. You want your Google+ hover card to shout 'YOU' for your Page and your Profile. The good thing is how you can experiment, even crowdsource opinions as to what works best. The Google+ community is a really friendly bunch!"

Q6: Do you think Google Hangouts have a role for businesses?

Martin continues: "They are both video calls & chat, allowing you to live stream content onto your YouTube channel. Use for marketing, coaching, consultancy, dietary advice, customer service, interviews - start imagining! SMB’s: think about your target audience and building relationships if you could talk to them for 30 minutes! Then use Google+ Hangouts to make it so"

Q7: How are Google Circles different from Facebook fans?

Martin continues: "Probably not a lot - what you care about is 13% of them seeing your content in their feeds. With Google+ you build multi-dimensional relationships with people on the platform, Google Search, YouTube, etc! Google circles help differentiate & distribute your content to the right people at the right time – strategic!"

Q8: What do you think is the best Google+ feature for a small business?

Martin continues: "The more you put in, the more you get out - which on a low marketing budget means a lot. You can be seen as an authority in your field by your peers, results can show up in Google Search so much easier. That means free traffic 2 your website. I went from almost zero to 35,000 monthly visitors within about a year. Would you like 35,000 potential new customers 'popping into your shop' each month?!"

Q9: What tips would you give on making time on Google+ profitable for a business?

Martin continues: "I consult largely through to micro businesses on how to put Google+ at the centre (spelt like that :P) of their strategy. SMB’s must do these four: 1) a plan for content creation, 2) a person responsible for 'social' overall, 3) a set of metrics to measure carefully, set goals accordingly, 4) learn from people who know more than you. If you stop learning, you move backwards - and Google+ is moving quickly."

Q10: What is social search?

Martin continues: "But with Google+ that has changed & now WHO you’re connected with influences the results you get build your network and start to reach people like you never could i.e. they can see your social content in Google Search. If people share your content, it spreads your message out into other’s networks - giving your content social legs"

Q11: What about other Google products like Google Drive and YouTube?

Martin continues: "I went from 1000 to well over 250K views on my channel - mostly about Google+ - in about a year. With Google Drive you can use Google Circles to share content and edit/comment in the Cloud, saves time"

Q12: What final tips would you give to people looking to get started with Google+ today?

Martin continues:"If you have Gmail then just click on the upper right and you will be taken into your profile. Then I would say you want to get started with your Profile, and start feeling your feet before you create a page. Then you want to 'go out and meet people' on Google+ by adding in circles, joining communities etc Visit PlusYourBusiness , as I have loads of free courses on everything you need to know. It will take you by the hand and show you life in the Plus. It is a great place to be."

Up next Wednesday at 5 PM PST:

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