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SmallBizChat Recap: How to Give Amazing Customer Service Every Time

SmallBizChat Recap: How to Give Amazing Customer Service Every Time


It's Thursday, and time for a SmallBizChat recap! A weekly Twitter chat where small business owners can get answers to their questions!

Last night's topic was "How to Give Amazing Customer Service Every Time" with guest of honor, Shep Hyken, with hosts Melinda Emerson, and her co-host, Amanda Littlejohn.

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Q1: What is the difference between satisfied customers and loyal customers?

Shep continues: "The experience could be average, satisfactory at best, aim for loyalty. There’s a big difference between a satisfied customer and a loyal customer. Loyalty comes when customer experience is so strong it makes the customer want to return."

Q2: How can companies create customer confidence?

Shep continues: "They do what they say they are going to do. They are always on time, which shows respect – and earns them respect. They’re proactive w/ problems, informing customer of issues before customer finds out. They under-promise, over-deliver, set an expectation, exceeding it. They show appreciation."

Q3: How do you define customer amazement?

Shep continues: "The key word is consistency. It’s what the customer can count on."

Q4: Why is a focus on internal customer service so important?

Shep continues: "In other words, they focus on delivering an experience that is similar to the customer’s. If you aren’t servicing the outside customer, you’re probably supporting someone who is. They must be taken care of too, so that they can then take care of the outside customer."

Q5: How can customer service help the marketing and sales budget?

Shep continues: "Word-of-mouth is the most accepted, credible and most respected marketing there is. Great customer service = easier to sell to a customer, due to reputation and confidence. Great customer service delivers on whatever brand promise you made to the customer."

Q6: How does great customer service make price less relevant?

Shep continues: "If all you do is compete on price, the moment the customer finds a lower price, you lose them. Give value in the form of a customer experience and you no longer are competing for price. That doesn’t mean you can charge an unfairly high price. Just be competitive."

Q7: How do you turn a dissatisfied customer who had a complaint into a loyal customer? Wha

Shep continues: "You don’t want the situation to be brought back to even. You want more than that. Provided you don’t have many problems & complaints, 3 ways to restore customer confidence: 1. Fix what needs to be fixed. That’s a given and bottom line expectation. 2. Do it with the right attitude – one that is positive and demonstrates accountability. 3. Do it fast, with a sense of urgency. "



Q8: How does amazing customer service give you an advantage over competition?

Shep continues: "Delivering an amazing service experience can get you out of the commodity trap, build stronger relationship. Amazing customer experience makes price less relevant and increases customer loyalty."

Q9: What trends fo you see in customer service?

Shep continues: "It’s more than spending money on a customer service system. It is about hiring good people and training them to deliver your company service mission."

Q10: How has social media impacted customer service?

Shep continues: "Two major sides to social customer service. 1, customer has forum to voice opinions. That forum is public, which can be good or bad for the company they are talking about. Social customer service provides multi channels for content and customer interaction."

Q11: How do I handle a complaint made on Twitter, Facebook, etc?

Shep continues: "Ask, “Once resolved, post a comment for customer & followers about the positive resolution."

Q12: What is one thing we can do to improve customer service in any organization?

Shep continues: "Practice Employee Golden Rule: Treat employees the way you want the customer treated – even better."

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