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SmallBizChat Recap: How to Avoid Customer Service Mistakes

SmallBizChat Recap: How to Avoid Customer Service Mistakes

Since last week was the July 4th holiday weekend, there was no SmallBizChat, however, we're now back on schedule! This is a weekly Twitter chat where small business owners can get answers to their questions!

Last night's topic was "How to Avoid Customer Service Mistakes" with guest of honor, Yaniv Masjedi of Nextiva, a cloud-based unified communications service, with hosts Melinda Emerson, and her co-host, Amanda Littlejohn.

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Q: What is the biggest customer service myth?

Nextiva continues: "Every customer is different. Some want to comment via Twitter while others prefer in-person meetings or email messages. It is dangerous for small business owners to think one service delivery method will work for every customer. Being available through multiple channels is vital, as is a continuous effort to improve service. You can never relax when trying to be the best."

Q: What should a small business owner do when a client is wrong?

Nextiva continues: "Instead, simply ask the customer if they’ve misunderstood and state your case clearly and without aggression. Customers usually come around. "

Q: What are a few effective ways to train customer service staff members?

Nextiva continues: "From there, teach them (classroom style, if possible) multiple customer service scenarios and how to respond. After a week of classroom work, pair them with a customer service rock star employee for practice interactions. Only after successfully completing interactions with their trainers should they face clients. Superior customer service is a product of continuous education and coaching."

Q4: What are the proper steps to de-escalate a heated customer service situation?

Nextiva continues: "1 - Stay calm. Take a break or go for a walk to cool off before approaching your customer. 2: Apologize and acknowledge. saying, “Sorry,” can go a long way. Acknowledge the validity of what your client is feeling. 3: Reiterate. Listen closely to what they are talking about. Don’t interrupt. Repeat their concerns back to them. 4: Act fast. Simply, give the customer what they want. 5: Stick to your word. If you say you’ll follow-up in a week, make sure to do that (set a calendar invite if you need to). Effort, diligence and kindness go a long way in re-winning a customer."

Q5: How can a small business owner turn around an ineffective customer service representative?

Nextiva continues: "Schedule a 1:1 meeting and prepare yourself in advance. Come to the meeting with specifics. (maybe the employee didn’t meet numbers last week/month or received an unfavorable review from a customer). Approach them with a supportive tone, not an attacking one. Ask how you can make their job better and how you can help them succeed. If you focus on making positive statements, they will be less likely to react defensively."

Q6: What is one under the radar customer service mistake small business owners make?

Nextiva continues: "While it may seem like a time drain, it's important for every biz owner to be on top of what is being said about them on. Facebook posts, TripAdvisor and Yelp reviews, tweets are can bring with them positive and negative effects. If a business owner doesn’t have time to monitor these accounts, they should delegate that task. "

Q7: What should small business owners look for in a customer service employee?

Nextiva continues: "Skills can be taught, but you can rarely change someone’s attitude. An excellent customer service representative will come to the job interview with a positive, helpful attitude. "

Q8: What are a few signs that your customer service needs a reboot?

Nextiva continues: "Your customer service might be lagging if you have angry customers and/or angry employees. "

Q9: What are important things to remember when training customer service staff?

Nextiva continues: "And second, never forget whom you are serving. You wouldn’t be in business if you didn’t have customers, so treat each one like gold."

Q10: Are there any apps that can help with customer service?

Nextiva continues: "Regardless if you have 4,000 customers or just four customers, everyone needs one of these systems. An effective CRM will help you organize each conversation you have with a customer, CRM helps you determine when you are due to follow-up, how each follow-up went, and so on. There are several options when purchasing a CRM for your business. A few popular ones include Salesforce, Zoho and Kayako. "

Q11: How do you define excellent customer service?

Nextiva continues: "If your customers are telling others, that is a huge compliment. Until that happens, keep working on improving your customer service. "

Q12: How do you manage customer service different if you have an online or ecommerce business?

Nextiva continues: "Good customer service is key to the success of any business. Small business owners need to remember that customers are in positions of power thanks to social media. Every interaction with your customers can make or break your business. "

Q13: How do you handle a customer complaining on Yelp or an online review site?

Nextiva continues: "Reach out to the customer. Turn the situation around. Treat customers the you would want to be treated in that situation."

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That's it for this week! Our SmallBizChat recap will return on July 25th!


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