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SmallBizChat Recap: Entrepreneurship, Everything Connects

SmallBizChat Recap: Entrepreneurship, Everything Connects

It's time for a SmallBizChat recap- A weekly Twitter chat where small business owners can get answers to their questions!

The topic was "Entrepreneurship: Everything Connects" with guest of honor, Faisal Hoque, with hostess Melinda Emerson.

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Q1: What is “entrepreneurship” in the 21st century?

Faisal continues: "Around the globe, many people become entrepreneurs in order to survive. Entrepreneurs make a difference, which can be very rewarding -- as all great entrepreneurs agree. #Entrepreneurship is not about just making money, or becoming famous, or inventing new things."

Q2: What are the traits for entrepreneurial success?

Faisal continues: "Often long and lonely, brutal hours, massive amounts of stress, and a huge amount of personal sacrifice. The traveling companion, Practice visualization; Connecting with your audience. Scaling your venture and Mindful execution."

Q3: What do you mean by “the traveling companion?”

Faisal continues: "Choice of partners: life, co-founder, management team, investors, board members, can make or break a venture It's important to be reminded of the people who believe in us and to cultivate those relationships. Spending time w/ people who strengthen us requires intentional effort, is key component in moving forward."

Q4: How do we practice visualization as small business owners?

Faisal continues: "We attempt to change the world by changing their thoughts. It is practiced extensively in professional sports. I have taught myself three basic approaches in the hopes of manifesting my own future: I imagine myself in the final stage (of my goals, my products, my companies, my personal life, etc.). I study patterns (of my surroundings, my markets, my skills, my behaviors, my reactions, etc.) I practice rituals: Be disciplined about my devotion, to recover from my defeats, to thrive, achieve more confidence. Visualization can be a key method of coping with and moving beyond obstacles and challenges."

Q5: How do we connect, shape, influence, and lead with our products and brands?

Faisal continues: "Ask “ Basic rules to connect, shape, influence, and lead with your products and brand. Choose your target audience - the surest road to product failure is to try to be all things to all people. Connect: Your objective is to make your audience feel an emotional attachment to product, brand Inspire, influence your audience – a simple, inspirational product and brand message is most influential."

Q6: How do we create a repeatable sales model to scale a business?

Faisal continues: "It’s one thing to sign up a few customers; you must identify, design implement repeatable sales & delivery processes. You’ve created a repeatable and scalable sales model when: You can add new hires that have the same productivity level as the entrepreneur or the sales leader. You can increase the sources of #customer leads on a consistent basis."

Q7: What is mindful execution?

Faisal continues: "My supervisor reminded me every night: be kind to the floor, buff her carefully, then see how well she shines. In those moments nothing else mattered, the buffed floor. Taught me to lose myself in an utterly mundane task. Being in the moment allows us to escape from adversity and conserve our inner energy. Being in the moment means single tasking rather than switching between a multitude of tasks, focusing on none of them."

Q8: It takes patience to be successful in entrepreneurial ventures, how do you practice patience?

Faisal continues: "Acceptance: Not all goes according to plan, we can learn to accept victories, defeats, use them to move forward. Compassion: It is perhaps one of the hardest things to practice, yet there is no substitute for compassion. Gratitude: When life turns us upside down, an attitude of genuine thankfulness helps us realize what we have."

Q9: Entrepreneurship is about authenticity? How do we live and lead with authenticity?

Faisal continues: "Authenticity comes from knowing yourself, how you live, and the impact you make around you. Authentic people lead their lives with their soul. Along with fearless passion, courage & relentless mental discipline. Authenticity is about finding satisfaction, contentment and fulfillment in our unique journey."

Q10: How to stay the course in life’s journey?

Faisal continues: "People like Michael Jordan and Howard Schultz are known for waking up early and staying later than everyone else. I call it devotion or ‘Sādhanā’. The Sanskrit word Sādhanā means "life’s pursuit with discipline." While we cannot control everything by an act of will, we can certainly be devoted to life’s pursuit. As a result of discipline, our personal devotion turns us into better leaders."

Q11: What are some of the most paradoxical traits of entrepreneurs, or creative people?

Faisal continues: " I posted: “Creative people show tendencies of thought and action that in most people are segregated. Creativity contain contradictory extremes; instead of being an individual, each of them is a multitude. So, more than anything else, what it takes to be creative is resourcefulness and the courage not to give up."

Q12: You've written about "unplugging" can you explain the benefit to small businesses?

Faisal continues: "Connect with our soul: Through overwhelm, we aren't allowed to discover what we are capable of and who we are. Create authentic vision: You need the discipline to create the space to find what's next. #Lead thyself: To lead teams and cultivate fluid organizations, you need to begin with leading yourself . Since we need to connect, create and lead regularly, it is our obligation to recharge every day.”

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1 Comments To "SmallBizChat Recap: Entrepreneurship, Everything Connects"
Kerry Adams - 01/02/2014

Describes the entrepreneur well: a person who organizes and operates a business by taking a financial risk. All people don't have this courage. This could just as eaily apply to a gambler, though, except for a few differences. So many new ventures I know started in small cubbyholes like but now they're doing respectable business.

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