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The Online Merchant Account Application will allow your Merchant Account to be processed within same business day instead of weeks. Start selling faster, with Lucrazon.

Ecommerce Merchant Account

Ecommerce Merchant Account Setup:

Our Lucrazon Ecommerce System includes the setup and activation of your Lucrazon Ecommerce Merchant Account. As we are setting it up for you, there are no additional steps you need to take to start increasing your revenue. Upon approval, your Lucrazon Ecommerce Merchant Account will allow you to process live transactions and increase your revenue online 24 hours a day, 7 days a week!

If you have a retail location as well, you can apply for an additional Merchant Account that will be provided with no setup fee! (*Credit Card processing rates still apply)

We don't worry about the merchant processing rates and neither should you. Our Lucrazon Ecommerce Merchant Account will provide you with the lowest rates in the nation regardless of what type of products you sell. Guaranteed!


Credit Card Processing Rates:

Our Lucrazon Ecommerce Merchant Account rates are simple. No more worrying about qualified or non-qualified transactions as you get the lowest possible rate for all your transactions. All credit card transactions have their own interchange rates for processing which we pass on to the Merchant plus the discounted rates and transaction fees shown below. Our rates are considered one of the lowest in the nation!


  American Express Credit Card Processing American Express Credit Card Processing American Express Credit Card Processing
Monthly Volume $0 - $9,999 $10,000 - $49,000 $50,000+
Discount Rate Interchange Pass-Through + 0.20% Basis Points Interchange Pass-Through + 0.10% Basis Points Interchange Pass-Through + 0.05% Basis Points
Transaction Fee + $0.20 per item + $0.10 per item + $0.05 per item

*Accounts processing $50,000 or more monthly will be eligible to receive a custom Proposal and Rate Analysis.

Our society is all about the plastic. Consumers want to be able to pay with their Debit or Credit Card wherever they go, especially online. With our Ecommerce solution you can start accepting Debit and Credit Cards at your business instantly. That means increased revenue from customers that previously shied away due to lack of payment as well as around-the-clock online payment options. You could experience up to a 20% increase in revenue - or more!

Additionally, our Customizable Ecommerce Templates allow you to change the look and feel of your Ecommerce website to fit your business or product branding and help you capture more conversions from your market. Use our many Ecommerce Template Configurations to present your products in a clean and stylish way. Sell as many products as you want as we do not put a limit on your business. We even offer the option of adding an additional merchant account for your retail location, if you have one, for FREE. We guarantee you will experience the benefits of our Ecommerce merchant services significantly within your first year of adding an online payment option to your Ecommerce business site.

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