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Participate in Free Shipping Day to Increase Holiday Sales

Participate in Free Shipping Day to Increase Holiday Sales

Yesterday, I talked about Green Monday, and how it’s traditionally the biggest sales day of December.

Today, let’s talk about another upcoming shopping holiday on December 17 called “Free Shipping Day,” created in 2008 by Luke Knowles, CEO and Founder of Kinoli, Inc.

It’s a day for procrastinating shoppers, and to entice the last minute gift-givers who wants reassurance and guarantees that their parcels will arrive in time for Christmas Eve. This is also another way for Ecommerce sites to duke it out with brick & mortar stores in vying for shoppers’ money.

This year’s Free Shipping Day is a double-whammy, as it also falls on a Monday, typically the best sales day as people ease into the work week by shopping online at work.

2011’s Free Shipping Day generated $1.07 billion, according to comScore.

Here’s a look at how shopping holidays stacked up.

2011 comScore Holiday Season Statistics

Will your small business be participating in Free Shipping Day? If you are, the website encourages merchant sign ups as they'll be included in the participating retail list. There’s no cost to be included, so it’s a great, free way for backlinking in addition to generating some traffic.

Their only requirement to be included is that your business guarantees delivery by Christmas Eve (in the continental US) for orders placed on December 17th along with providing some form of free shipping, whether it's on all orders or with restrictions (i.e. Spend $25, get free shipping etc).They will also grab a logo from your website, so make sure it’s up-to-date!

Wondering if you should join or not? Entrepreneur writes about 3 small business owners who signed up in previous years and how their participation paid off.

Your decision to participate also depends on what type of product you’re selling. If you’re selling large items like televisions, or appliances, this day can be skipped. However, if you’re selling smaller items like vitamins, or jewelry, it’s most likely not too much of an expense to pay for shipping compared to overall incoming sales.

So how does the Free Shipping Day website generate revenue? Since signing up to be placed on the list is free, they sell advertising on the site in addition to offering merchants a paid way to have increased visibility. They also gain commissions from some of the bigger retailers as well.

If you were already planning on offering free shipping or have a free shipping promotion, I encourage you to sign up on their site for free and promote it to your customers that you’ll be participating!

Let us know in the comments if you’re participating and a link to your website!


+Alice Ly
Social Media Manager
Lucrazon Ecommerce

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