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Part 4/5 - 5 Ways to Boost Holiday Sales for your Site - Create Interactive Tools

Part 4/5 - 5 Ways to Boost Holiday Sales for your Site - Create Interactive Tools

In this article Part 4 of 5, we’ll go over some easy and sometimes overlooked ways to boost your holiday revenue on your website. 

If you missed the previous articles, you can read them here:

Part 1 - Look at Past Metrics
Part 2 - Make Your Site Easy-To-Use
Part 3 - Remind Your Customers

[Overview of past articles] The 2012 holiday shopping season could be the best in years for retailers, and according to Deloitte, a 15-17% increase is forecasted for non-store sales.  That could be you!

Even retail giants like Target, has announced they’re doing price matching this season that extends to online competitors such as Amazon, Walmart, BestBuy and more. Your business most likely won’t be affected by this, but it goes to show that even retail stores have been recognizing the increasing online shopping habits of savvy customers.

So how can you start taking advantage of the sales increase?

Over the course of this week, we’ll go over some easy and sometimes overlooked ways to boost your holiday revenue:

Yesterday, we took a look at Part 3/5 of ways to boost holiday sales on your website. Today we’ll go over Part 4. 

4. Create Fun, Interactive Tools

This will require some pre-planning but can offer value year after year. How about a Gift Selection Tool, where the customer can fill in who the recipient may be, and by answering a few questions, can lead him/her to the perfect gift on your site? You can use this tool year-round, but dress it up in holiday colors for the season. Then, see if the gifts suggested are actually being purchased, or if you need to tweak the gift choice algorithm to measure the success.

Let’s take a look at a great example from

The Personality Profiler-

Here, you can choose which recipient you’re planning on purchasing for.

Interactive Tool from Example by Lucrazon

Let’s pretend we’re buying for a 30+ adult male. You can see his stance changed to holding his potential gift.

Male Recipient Selected

After you choose a recipient, 8 fun quiz questions appear for you to answer. 

Interactive Quiz example

After answering the questions, the results show depicting what type of person your recipient falls under along with a full page of recommended products from the site.

Quiz Result of Interactive Tool

Try it for yourself and see how a tool like this can be helpful for your site. I typically find myself playing/using this type of tool more than once, particularly if the questions are varied enough and it helps to view a targeted selection of products, rather than a general male category.

Another tool option could be creating a quiz that shows what kind of customer he/she is (in a humorous but light-hearted way) that features specific products from your site that he/she would use, and when it’s shareable on social media, it could double-up as a public wish list for his/her friends and family. It could just be as simple as adding a “Yourself” to the group of recipients and then following the same algorithm.

You'll need both a Web Developer and Web Designer for this type of project, so if you have both internally, start talking with them (and showing this example) of what similar tools you can create together.

Brainstorm potential interactive content like this, and you can find yourself gathering leads outside your current customer circle via sharing.

We'll post the last part of this article tomorrow! Have you already started preparing? Do you have other tips to share on how you approach the holidays?

We hope you found this article helpful, and we encourage comments of your feedback! Feel free to also suggest article topics, or just ask what’s been nagging your mind.


Alice Ly
Social Media Manager
Lucrazon Ecommerce

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