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Free and Low-Cost Ways to Market Your Small Business During the Holidays

Free and Low-Cost Ways to Market Your Small Business During the Holidays

There are now only 13 days until Christmas! Are you feeling the urgency yet?

If you haven’t done so already here are some free and low-cost ways to further market your small business for the holidays.

Participate in Free Shipping Day : This shopping holiday generated $1.07 billion last year. Get in on that action! It’s easy to set up if participating makes sense for your small business.

-  Push E-gift cards / E-certificates the weekend before Christmas: For the extreme procrastinators, this will be the weekend where they’ll be even more impulsive. Come to their rescue by reminding them that you offer instant gift certificates or e-gift cards that are easily emailed to the recipient of their choice. (Or emailed to them so they can print out and gift wrap)

- Stay top of mind to your valued customers: Send greeting cards or holiday emails and offer timed promotions or special discounts to make them feel special. Perhaps offer a code that’s specifically for the customer by using their last name and a number combination for tracking purposes in addition to showing that code was made for him/her.

Create Gift Lists if you didn’t create an interactive tool: Categories like “Teen Gifts,” “Baby Gifts,” “Gifts for Him,” as well as price ranges such as “Gifts under $20” are all popular areas for a shopper during the holiday season. Duplicate and group your inventory together in easy to understand sections to make it easier on your visitor, leading to a quicker potential sale.

Indicate Shipping Deadlines: Have shipping deadlines blazoned across each page to increase urgency and motivate customers to purchase earlier on. A simple brightly colored bar across the page will draw attention and remind shoppers they have X days left to get online items without paying a premium fee for expedition.

Get Creative with Product/Service of the Day or Week: I’ve seen retailers use the “12 Days of Christmas” theme, in addition to creating an “Advent Calendar” theme, or other variations using a holiday theme to get creative with products/services. Depending on the product or service you have, you can still jump in on creating a theme “countdown” until Christmas Day event.

Participate in local Holiday Events: If you have handcrafted products, or items that could display and sell well on a table, search for local festivals or small fairs that you can take part in. Even if signups are closed, there could be situations where another vendor cannot make it, and they need to fill the space. For the past 3 years, Yelp, a local directory service powered by the community, have been encouraging their members to shop local by taking the “Yelp Shops Local Pledge” and offer lists of various events to shop at. You could be at one of these events selling!

For every $100 a consumer spends at an independent retailer, $45 stays local.”

Partner with Other Businesses: Look for businesses that are complementary to yours for traffic cross-promotion. If your product relates to vitamins or supplements, your audience will generally care about well-being and living a healthy lifestyle. Perhaps you can find businesses related to healthy living (such as exercise equipment, beauty care, food items etc) that’s not also selling vitamins/supplements so that both companies can benefit from each other’s’ traffic. 

Super Saturday:  December 22 is the last (aka busiest) Saturday to buy gifts. Have promotions ready around this time (along with reminding customers about E-gift cards and certificates) in addition to providing some thoughtful perks for stressed out shoppers. If you have a physical store, offer tea, or a sweet to re-energize them to shop more (hopefully from your store!)

We hope you found these tips useful and are able to apply most of these immediately if you haven’t done so already. If you don’t have time, remember to bookmark this page for next year’s reference!

Good luck and cheers!

+Alice Ly
Social Media Manager
Lucrazon Ecommerce

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