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Questions and Answers About the Government Shutdown

Questions and Answers About the Government Shutdown

The last government shutdown occurred in 1996, albeit a partial one, but lasted 21 days. Today, a government shutdown is in effect with no estimated time of ending. What is going to happen during this period?

How does it affect the American public?

USA Today crafted a very informative article listing 66 questions and answers. (Update: They’ve since added 27 more to the original 66)

I’ve pulled some general questions and answers here but encourage to you read the full article on their site.

1. What causes a shutdown? Under the Constitution, Congress must pass laws to spend money. If Congress can't agree on a spending bill — or if, in the case of the Clinton-era shutdowns, the president vetoes it — the government does not have the legal authority to spend money.

9. How many times has the government shut down in the past? Since 1977, there have been 17 shutdowns, according to the Congressional Research Service.

26. Will the Patent and Trademark Office be open? Yes. The office can continue to operate off user fees and other funds for at least four weeks before having to shut down.

32. Would a shutdown put the brakes on implementing the Affordable Care Act, or "Obamacare?" No. The state-run exchanges for the uninsured would open as scheduled Tuesday. "The marketplaces will be open on Tuesday, no matter what, even if there is a government shutdown," President Obama said Friday.

65. What effect would a shutdown have on the economy? Economists say even a short shutdown — of three or four days — would begin to shave decimal points off economic growth. A sustained shutdown of three or four weeks "would do significant economic damage," economist Mark Zandi told USA TODAY.

88. Can I still get a Small Business Administration loan? No. The only program that the SBA will continue to operate is the Disaster Loan Program.

92. Will government websites shut down? Most websites continued to operate Tuesday morning, though some agencies, like the Federal Trade Commission and the National Park Service, began replacing their front pages with "splash" pages. Some agencies may leave their sites up, but there won't be tech support to fix them if they break. Websites necessary for critical government functions will still operate, but won't be updated. The IRS website is one of those.

Source: USA Today

Also, highly ironic, is that National Parks and 400+ federally run parks and attractions will close until further notice yet today is Yosemite National Park's 123rd Anniversary highlighted via the homepage of Google. 

Yosemite Google Doodle During Gov't Shutdown - Lucrazon

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