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Pinterest for your Ecommerce Business

Pinterest for your Ecommerce Business

Interested in using Pinterest for your business but don’t know where to start or if it’s right for you? Read on for some great tips!

What is Pinterest?

As a refresher, it’s a virtual pin board that helps organizes and share interesting things from the internet. People “pin” images from other sites where other people can repin those same images on their boards.

I’m a personal Pinterest user and I spend more time than I expect on the site. It’s such an organic and beautiful way to find pictures (or “pins”) to save or re-pin, that an hour can go by very quickly. A majority my time is spent repinning do-it-yourself projects/tutorials for future reference but I also come here for creative inspiration in addition to looking for gift ideas.

For consumers, it’s a great platform for easy “wishlisting” as they can pin any photo on the internet directly to their page. If you’re familiar with the Amazon Wishlist Browser AddOn , it’s the same concept, except the visual depiction of the item is easier to see (and share!)

For this article, let’s go over some great tips presented by Melanie Duncan in a webinar I attended. You’ll see how easy it is for your Ecommerce business to use Pinterest!

Some Stats:

· Over 80% of pins are repins and they’re excellent traffic referral sources.

· Reaches 10 million unique visitors faster than any other independent website in history

· Now driving more traffic to websites than YouTube, Google+ and LinkedIn combined

· Now driving more traffic than Twitter & Bing Search Engine

· Over 10 million Facebook connected users

· Pinterest beat Yahoo organic traffic, making it the 4th largest traffic driver worldwide

· Average order value $180  - which makes Pinterest look like the future of Ecommerce

· 70% of people go there to get inspiration on what to buy

Integrate Pinterest into Your Marketing

1. Add the “Pin It” button to your site for every product page

If you have an Ecommerce site, it will make sense to add it to every product page for visitors to “wishlist” or just share. For service providers, the “Pin It” button will be more useful on blog posts, whitepapers, e-books, or knowledgeable content.

Just make sure, that wherever the Pin It button is, there is a good image associated with the content. People will only share what looks attractive, and small, blurry images will not be popular.  Long images work well (such as infographics) as the site will support long images easily whereas Facebook cannot.

2. Create a Pinterest account for your business –  (Join or Convert) Set up your account properly with keywords and a Pinterest Tab for your Facebook Page 

What Should I Pin?

Focus on Original Content

1. Infographics & Checklists – Provides value/establish credibility/build relationship (

2. Checklists “10 Ways to Having a Productive Day” etc (Tall pins work well)

3. Tutorial Pins see 42% higher CTR for Products & Service Businesses

4. Pins with text

5. Pin Videos from YouTube

Clever Captions

1. CTA

2. Keywords (SEO & search)

3. Price (36% more likes)

4. Add CTA button in your image

Case Study Example:

BirchBoxTV – Has more Followers on Pinterest than YouTube Subscribers even though it’s the same video content. Due to Pinterest being a versatile “visual” site instead of just videos, it made more sense for followers to be able to watch BirchboxTV videos while browsing images.

[Update 6/14/13 - They have since removed BirchBoxTV for reasons unknown!]

You can also view the Lucrazon Pinterest page to get ideas. Does your small business already have a Pinterest page? Feel free to comment below with your link!


+Alice Ly
Social Media Manager
Lucrazon Ecommerce

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Henk - 02/06/2014

That was very useful. Thanks I added the P on my
Alex - 11/26/2013

Hi, Thanks for the information.A good tip for <a href="">ecommerce</a> Pinterest users may be to pin items more than once to keep the products visible longer. Thanks so much for your thoughts.

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