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Part 3/5 - 5 Ways to Boost Holiday Sales for your Site - Remind Your Customers

Part 3/5 - 5 Ways to Boost Holiday Sales for your Site - Remind Your Customers

In this article Part 3 of 5, we'll go over Reminding Your Customers about the Holiday Season to boost revenue on your website

If you missed the previous articles, you can read them here:

Part 1 - Look at Past Metrics
Part 2 - Make Your Site Easy-To-Use

[Overview of past articles] The 2012 holiday shopping season could be the best in years for retailers, and according to Deloitte, a 15-17% increase is forecasted for non-store sales.  That could be you!

Even retail giants like Target, has announced they’re doing price matching this season that extends to online competitors such as Amazon, Walmart, BestBuy and more. Your business most likely won’t be affected by this, but it goes to show that even retail stores have been recognizing the increasing online shopping habits of savvy customers.

So how can you start taking advantage of the sales increase?

Today, we’ll continue with Part 3 to go over some easy and sometimes overlooked ways to boost your holiday revenue: [Part 1, Part 2]

3. Remind Your Customers by Offering Seasonal Products

Customers tend to be procrastinators. Encourage them to start spending earlier by reminding them that Christmas is near, and that they don’t need to scramble come December.

Last minute gifts + wasting gas + over-priced retail store + huge crowd = bitter holiday shopper

Help them beat the rush by calling out all your seasonal products or perfect gifts!

Red Envelope Example by Lucrazon
Image Credit: Red Envelope

For example, Red Envelope, a site that specializes in unique and personalized gifts, has a prominent but gentle reminder that Christmas is coming and encourages customers to take a peek.  This is a great example of reminding your customers to prepare early.

Here’s another example of an early reminder.

Sharper Image Example by Lucrazon
Image Credit: Sharper Image

For some, displaying your regular or new seasonal products will be a cinch due to the nature of the item. For those who don’t have obviously branded holiday items, are there other non-common uses for your products that could relate to the season? Perhaps you can have a section dedicated to “The Best Uncommon Holiday Gifts” (no fruit cakes here!) and edit the item description to explain why it’d be a great gift.

Another alternative would be to use drop shipping to offer seasonal products on your website, as it’ll expand your product inventory choices for your current customers. A poll of the most-wanted products could also be garnered from your customers if you’re torn as to what to select.

You can utilize the information gathered from Article #1 – Look at Your Metrics to craft a best sellers section that you can re-imagine as a seasonal section too.

If you don’t have products to sell, perhaps you can tailor some services to have a holiday spin to it. For example, a dentist website can promote that customers get their teeth in shape for all the holiday consumption and holiday pictures!

Action Items:

1. Showcase your holiday products or select products you want to highlight to remind customers of the holiday season.

2. If you don't have holiday products, consider using drop shipping to expand your inventory.

3. If you provide services instead of products, spin your offering to have a holiday twist.

We'll continue Part 4 of 5 tomorrow! Have you already started preparing? Do you have other tips to share on how you approach the holidays?

We hope you found this article helpful, and we encourage comments of your feedback! Feel free to also suggest article topics, or just ask what’s been nagging your mind.


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