How to Create a Twitter Account for Your Small Business

How to Create a Twitter Account for Your Small Business

    This Walkthrough will show you the steps in creating your own Twitter account for your Small Business in addition to some beginner tips.
  • 1. Go to Twitter and enter in the requested information on the homepage.
    Go to the Twitter homepage and sign up
  • 2. You’ll be asked to confirm a Username for your account, which you can always change later after you select Create My Account. This will be your "@name" that others will know you by. For instance, ours is "@lucrazon."
    You can also select to Tailor Twitter based on your recent website visits. This means that Twitter will suggest people you might want to follow based on your Internet activity when you visit websites that have integrated Twitter.
    Confirm a Username and create your account

  • 3. You’ll receive a Confirmation Email that you’ll need to click on to go further.
    You'll receive a Confirmation Email that you'll need to click on to go further
  • 4. After confirming, you’ll get taken to the home of your Twitter account where you’ll already see some suggested People to Follow (If you selected Tailor Twitter option) along with a list of trending topics on the left hand side.
    After confirming, you'll get taken to the home of your Twitter account
  • 5. Before you start to follow People of interest, let’s set up your Profile properly.
    It’s important to fill out your Profile completely as it’ll help people decide if they should follow you or not. It’s a snapshot of who you are, and essentially your “elevator pitch” section.
  • 6. Avatar Image - People resonate more with real portraits of other people, but you can also use your logo. To edit, click your Name or the Egg image and you’ll see a blank section.
    Choose an Avatar Image to use as your profile image

    Click on the plus sign button to get taken to your Profile Settings page. Here, you’ll be able to edit your Avatar, Header, Display Name, Website, Bio and if you want to connect your Facebook account to auto-post tweets onto your Fanpage.
    Edit your Avatar, Header, Display Name, Website, and Bio

    Avatar profile images are automatically resized down to 73x73 for display in timelines, but you should upload a bigger picture (maximum size 700K) in JPG, GIF, or PNG formats. Followers may click on your Avatar picture to see a bigger version, and it’ll be odd / frustrating when the image stays the same small size. Just keep in mind that it will be a square format.
    You can see with the example, the smaller avatar for timelines, and your profile Avatar that can be clicked on for the bigger image.
    Avatar profile images are automatically resized down to 73x73 for display in timelines, but you should upload a bigger picture
  • 7. Header - Once you’ve uploaded an image, decide if you want a Header. You can choose the classic look like the example, or upload a Header similar to a Cover Photo on Facebook.
    Your Avatar image will float on top and be center justified of this Header no matter what, so you can be creative with your image or logo. Here are some examples:
    Ben & Jerry's header example

    Professional header example

    The display size of the Header is 520 x 260 and maximum file size is 5 MB.

    Twitter will also add a black gradient layer regardless of your image. This is to assist with making the white text more visible. If your image is naturally dark, that will greatly help with visibility of the text area as well.
  • 8. Display Name – This is different from your username.
    Your Display Name sits above your Username on your profile page, so if you have a company username, you can put your real First and Last Name as a Display Name (or whatever you’d like). Display Names can also have spaces whereas Usernames cannot.
  • 9. Website and Bio – Enter your website, and your 160 characters Bio.
    This is the most important part so don’t leave this area blank! Don’t just add a list of keywords. Explain what you do, show a bit of your personality, and you can also add something personal if you’d like (i.e. Coffee-fanatic) and definitely be HUMAN and personable. No one wants to follow a robot.
  • 10. Connect Facebook Account (Optional) – You can connect your Facebook account here if you wish to publish your Tweets to your Fanpage.
    Depending on the frequency of your Tweets, we would not recommend connecting as Facebook and Twitter have different audiences and formatting.
  • 11. Background Design (Optional) – If you don’t select or upload a background, it will stay the default blue sky. Under Settings, go to Design, and you’ll see a handful of themes to choose from. You can also customize your own, which is recommended.
    The maximum size is 1920 x 1080 pixels.

    Your background should be consistent with your branding, colors, and logo(s) from your Avatar/Header. Too much text gets too busy and is hard to read. You can also showcase your other social profiles too.

    Here are some creative examples of Twitter Backgrounds:
    Upload an attractive background for your account

    If you’re going to be using text, upload as a PNG file as JPGs will have some loss of clarity.
    Upload an attractive background for your account
  • 12. Make Your First Tweet - Now that you’ve finished your profile, you’re ready for your first tweet!
  • 13. Follow People - Start following people of interest. In most cases, regular people will reciprocate and follow you back.
    Good luck! Twitter also has their own Tutorial if you need more help getting settled in.

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