How to Create a LinkedIn Company Page for Your Small Business

How to Create a LinkedIn Company Page for Your Small Business

    This walkthrough will show you the steps in creating your own LinkedIn Company Page for your Small Business in addition to some beginner tips.
  • 1. You’ll first need your own personal LinkedIn account to set up your company page, as it needs an Administrator.
    Sign Up on the LinkedIn Homepage

    Visit the LinkedIn homepage to get started if you don't have an account.

    Then fill out the fields pertaining to your Name, Email, and Password.

    You'll be sent a verification email. Now you can start filling out your personal LinkedIn page that serves as your online resume and business network.
  • 2. Once you’ve finished your personal page, or if you already have one, please go to the Companies page to “Add a Company
    LinkedIn created a great tutorial video that you can watch for further instructions:

  • 3. Once you've filled out general information, you can add Products or Services to it:
  • 4. You’re ready to start your first post!
  • 5. Be sure to add your newly created LinkedIn Page into your website footer by logging into your Admin Panel > Modules > Footer Options > Social Links.
    Good luck!

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