How to Create a Facebook Fan Page for your Small Business

How to Create a Facebook Fan Page for your Small Business

    This Walkthrough will show you the steps in creating your own Facebook Fan Page for your Small Business in addition to some beginner tips.
  • 1. Go to the Facebook homepage and click on "Create a Page for a celebrity, band, or business."
    Go to the Facebook Homepage
  • 2. Choose a Page Type that best fits your business. This will help your fans find you in addition to finding out what they want to know about you. We’ll explain each Type below.
    Facebook Fanpage Type - Local Business
    Local Business or Place – Choose this option if you have a brick & mortar store and want fans to visit you physically.

    A list of categories will be provided to select from. A sample is below but there will be more to choose from if you pick this Type.

    Attractions Bank Bar Bookstore
    Concert Venue Food/Grocery Hotel Local Business
    Movie Theatre Museum/Art Gallery Sporting Goods Real Estate
    Restaurant/Café School Shopping/Retail Spas/Beauty

    Facebook Fanpage Type - Company, Organization
    Company, Organization, or Institution – This option is for online businesses/stores, pure Ecommerce sites, or if you have a Franchise.

    Here are some categories:

    Automobiles/Parts Church Company Computers/Tech
    Consulting Small Business Food/Beverages Health/Beauty
    Insurance Internet/Software Legal/Law Non-Profit Org
    Retail Merchant Media/News/Pub Travel/Leisure  

    Facebook Fanpage Type - Brand or Product
    Brand or Product – This option is for businesses that sell products through other websites and/or stocked by multiple resellers/retailers. (i.e. Coca-Cola, Nike, Apple)

    Here are some categories:

    App Appliance Baby/Kid Goods Cars
    Clothing Electronics Food/Beverages Furniture
    Games/Toys Health/Beauty Jewelry/Watches Kitchen/Cooking
    Pet Supplies Vitamins/Minerals Product/Service  

    Facebook Fanpage Type - Public Figure
    Artist, Band or Public Figure – This option is for people who want to promote themselves, or if you’re in an artist or band.

    Here are some categories:

    Actor/Director Artist Athlete Author
    Business Person Chef Coach Doctor
    Entertainer Journalist Lawyer Musician/Band
    Politician Teacher Writer  

    Facebook Fanpage Type - Entertainment
    Entertainment – This option is for businesses in entertainment like TV shows, movies, radio stations, magazines or books.

    Here are some categories:

    Album Book Concert Tour Library
    Magazine Movie Radio Station Record Label
    Sports Venue TV Show    

    Facebook Fanpage Type - Cause
    Cause or Community – This option is fairly self-explanatory and is for Causes or Communities.

    There are no categories to select from.

    If you are a non-profit organization, Types like “Local Business or Place”, “Company Organization or Institution” and “Brand or Product” would be a better option as you can drill down your category further in each of those types.

  • 3. For this Walkthough, we’ll select "Company, Organization or Institution" and use "Small Business" as a category example.
    Small Business as an Example
  • 4. If you don’t have a Facebook account, you can create it here, or connect to a current one by selecting "I already have a Facebook account."

    It's recommended that you connect your Fanpage to a current account, so you don’t need to log into 2 different accounts to switch from Personal to Business and vice versa. You’ll be asked to simply log in if you connect accounts.
    Connect your Fanpage with an existing Facebook Account
  • 5. After creating an account or connecting it to a current one, you’ll be able to set up your Fanpage by uploading a Profile Picture, adding a Description, a Website URL, and the Facebook URL you want.
    A. Upload Profile Picture – Your picture will be displayed as 160x160 but must be uploaded at least 180x180. You should upload a larger image, such as 360x360, 540x540 or 720x720 so that when a fan clicks the image, the larger one will appear. Facebook will automatically resize pictures for you.

    Choose an image that can clearly represent your business even when scaled down to 50x50 as that will be the image in fans’ News Feed.
    Choose a profile picture for your Fanpage

    B. About – Provide your business description here so that fans can understand who you are. Max is 155 characters. This text will also show up in search engines, so be sure to convey clearly. You can also add multiple websites here related to your business, especially if you have other social sites you want to highlight.
    Provide your business description here so that fans can understand who you are

    C. Facebook Web Address – Set up your Facebook URL with your desired name. Remember that once this is set, you won’t be able to change it. You can also choose to Skip if you want more time to think about it.
    Set up your Facebook URL with your desired name
  • 6. Facebook will walk you through a mini tutorial on how to invite Friends, Contacts etc, but you can skip this as you’ll need to make your page more presentable.
  • 7. Admin Panel – This will show everything that’s happening on your Fanpage.
    1. Posting, Commenting, Liking as______ : The blue bar up top is very important. It tells you which account you’re on so you don't accidentally post, comment or like something as your personal profile.
    2. Notifications: This section is a real-time feed that will tell you when a Fan interacts with your page. You can select to “See All” to see notifications that might’ve been truncated.
    3. Messages: This section will show private message interactions. It will be your Facebook Inbox, good for privately answering specific questions or issues.
    4. New Likes: This section shows a list of Fans that have recently liked your Page. You’ll be able to click to view their profile if desired (or whatever information they’ve marked public)
    5. Insights: This section will show statistics regarding each post, your Fan demographics, and other analytics useful in showing which type of your posts do well. You’ll need to get to 30 Fans before this section reveals.
    6. Invite Friends: A great way to grow your initial likes is to invite your friends and co-workers to “Like” the page.
    Admin Panel – This will show everything that’s happening on your Fanpage
  • 8. Cover Photo – This space allows you to further showcase your business via a large banner. Cover Photo dimensions are 851 x 315 px with your profile picture covering a small lower left portion of it. You can change Cover Photos as often as you’d like, however, there are some Facebook rules.
    Facebook Cover Photos cannot contain:
    • Price or purchase information like “10% off,” “Download at ___,” or “Free for Limited Time Only”
    • Contact information like URL, Email, Phone Number that’s intended for the About section
    • References to user interface elements such as arrows pointing to “Like” or “Share” and other Facebook site functions.
    • Call-to-Action text like “Buy Now” or “Tell your Friends”
    Cover Photo – This space allows you to further showcase your business via a large banner
  • 9. Update Info – Don’t forget to fill out your Basic Information located under Edit Page > Update Info. You’ll be able to put in more descriptions, Mission Statement, Year Founded and any Awards you want to highlight.
    Don't forget to fill out your Basic Information located under Edit Page > Update Info
  • 10. After you’ve filled out all information, and are satisfied with all visual elements, it’s time to make your first post!

    Good luck!

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