Activate Your Merchant Account

Activate Your Merchant Account
  • 1. Login to your Admin Panel at "", and navigate to Activate Your Merchant Account.
    Login to your Admin Panel

    Follow the easy steps in our Online Merchant Application (OLMA) to get your own Merchant Account.
    Lucrazon's Online Merchant Application

    Start by filling out general information about your business. You can hover over a "?" to view a tooltip. Click Continue when you're done.
    Fill in general Merchant Information
  • 2. Fill in all the information for the "Principal Owner" of your business.
    Fill in Principal Owner Information

    If you own more than 50% of the company, then you only need to enter information for the Principal Owner. If you do not own a majority share of the company, you must enter the information of another Principal Owner.

    Click Continue once everything is filled out.
  • 3. In this section, you'll estimate your average monthly sales to help us set up your account.
    From the Merchant Type drop down list, select what best describes how your business will take transactions (if you are starting your first webstore, select Internet). Also select an estimate on your Average Monthly Volume (monthly sales), the Average Sale of an item and the Highest Sale Amount.
    Select your Merchant Type

    Think about where sales take place in your store and enter estimated percentages for each field (if your store is only online, enter 100% for Internet Orders). Similiarly, think about how these transactions are completed and enter percentages in the fields (if your store is online only, enter 100% for Manual Keyed Entry). Please make sure each section's percentages add up to 100%.
    Where and How are sales completed?

    If you will have Business-to-Business (B2B) sales, please estimate how much of your total sales will be B2B. In the second field, estimate how much of these B2B sales will be BanCard (specifically Visa, Mastercard, or Discover).

    In the next field, tell us when your products will get delivered to your customers.
    Do you have any Business-to-Business Sales? When will your products be delivered?

    From the drop down, select whether Visa and Mastercard sales are deposited on the "Order Date" or the "Delivery Date."
    (most merchants will choose "Order Date")
    When are Visa/Mastercard sales deposited?

    If your business directly sends out the product or performs the service for the customer, then select Direct. If you are a distributor for a Drop-Shipper, select Vendor and enter their information below.
    Who performs the product or service fulfillment?

    Click Continue once everything is filled out.
  • 4. In this section, briefly describe what you sell and decide on your refund policy.
    Briefly describe what you sell and decide on your refund policy

    Here, tell us some information about your place of business, like the zoning area and the square footage. If you are doing business from home, select "Residential" for Location Zoned and "Residence" for Merchant Location. Fill in the rest of the fields and click Continue.
    Tell us some information about your place of business
  • 5. Enter your main Bank Account. All the money from your sales will go into this account.
    All your sales money will go into this account

    Click Continue once the fields are filled out.
  • 6. On this page, please take a mintue to review the credit card processing rates and standard merchant service fees.
    Credit card processing rates and standard merchant service fees

    Our rates are some of the lowest in the industry. Click Continue when you are done reviewing these.
  • 7. The final step! Please review the Merchant Processing Acknowledgement and the Lucrazon Privacy Policy and click "Accept." Finally look over and accept the Terms and Conditions of this contract.
    Review the Merchant Processing Acknowledgement, Privacy Policy, and Terms & Conditions

    If you need to go back to previous sections, you can click the "Save and Complete Later" button. Otherwise if all the forms looks good to you, click SUBMIT and you'll be on your way to receive your own Merchant Account!

    Don't forget, if you still need assistance, you can contact our customer support at or (888) 840-0796.
  • 8. After you submit your online application, there's just a couple more things we need from you.
    Electronic Signature, Voided Check, Store Activation

    1. Review and Digitally sign your applciation that will get emailed to you from ""
    2. Fax or Email a copy of a voided check from your settlement account (949-753-1171 fax)
    3. You'll receive a notification once your Merchant Account is approved and then you can start accepting live credit card transactions

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