Activate Your Account

Activate Your Account
  • 1. Once you've completed all of the Main Steps, you can now Activate Your Account by clicking on the button.
    Click Activate Your Account

    Activate your webstore for these benefits:
    • Start earning revenue
    • Stay operational
    • Start driving traffic
    • Promote your business
  • 2. Review your details on the next screen, agree to the Terms and Conditions, and click the Activate button to continue to the payment page.
    Review your details and agree to the Terms and Conditions
  • 3. Enter your Credit Card information in our secure payment page.
    Lucrazon Ecommerce will never disclose your personal information to outside venders.
    Please enter:
    • The Cardholder's Name
    • Your Credit Card Number
    • Your Credit Card's Expiration Date
    • The CVV Security code that can be found on the back of your Credit Card.
    • Your Zip Code

    When everything looks correct, click Complete Transaction.
    Enter your credit card info and complete the transaction
  • 4. Congratulations! Your website has been activated! A confirmation email will also be sent to your primary email address. Click the X button to close the window and your browser will refresh to show your store as active.
    Congratulations! Your website has been activated!

    Congratulations! Your website has been activated!

    What next?:
    Be sure to check out the Recommended Steps for more helpful guides like Activating Your Domain, setting up your Merchant Account, and Activating PayPal.
    Also, use our Social Media Guides to start marketing your business.

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