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E-preneur: The Growth of Online Entrepreneurship Infographic

E-preneur: The Growth of Online Entrepreneurship Infographic

Ecommerce is a $200 billion industry in the United States and a $1.2 trillion industry overall in the world. With the explosion of Web 2.0, the growth of online entrepreneurship is on fire!

Stats from the infographic below:

Out of 7.084 billion people in the world today –

2.4 billion use the Internet regularly Click to Tweet!
>1 billion will be active on Facebook in 2013
1.4 billion will use smartphones by year-end

U.S. Online Retail Sales will reach $370 billion by 2017 Click to Tweet!
U.S. Mobile Payments will reach $90 billion by 2017 Click to Tweet!

Ecommerce is set to expand by 15% each year in the U.S. Click to Tweet!

The SaaS software marketing will increase 25% in 2013 to $59B Click to Tweet!

"Technology has broken down barriers, making it easier for people across every industry to start and grow online businesses. As software development tools continue to evolve, more and more e-preneurs will not only get in the game of creating a running a web-based business, but be able to build a sustainable model for success."

Online Entrepreneurship Statistics LucrazonOnline Retail Sales and Mobile Payments Increase - LucrazonOnline Sales Statistics - LucrazonOnline Retail Market Drives Work-From-Home Businesses - LucrazonEcommerce in U.S. Statistics - LucrazonCrowdsourcing, Open Source Software and Growth of APIs - LucrazonPayment Processing Online - LucrazonFuture of Ecommerce - LucrazonInfographic Credits
Source: Ubot Studio

At Lucrazon, we can help you get started on the path of online entrepreneurship! Start your online business today with the world's first integrated Ecommerce system.


+Alice Ly
Social Media Manager

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