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For Extra SEO Juice Add a Transcript to YouTube Videos

For Extra SEO Juice Add a Transcript to YouTube Videos

Do you create videos for your Ecommerce small business? If so, did you know that YouTube automatically makes transcripts based off the audio it thinks it hears for people with hearing disabilities?

Instead of leaving it to the computers to auto-spit out some words that can garble what you were intending to say, upload a transcript file yourself so that all your keywords and important messaging is available for those who have hearing disabilities or those who can’t turn on the volume at the moment.

In addition, you can reap the SEO benefits of having the keywords tied to your video transcript making it easier for search engines to understand what your video is regarding instead of relying on the title and description.

You can see what text is already there by going to one of your videos and clicking the Transcript button:

Lucrazon - YouTube Pre-Transcript

Your video will most likely show garble so it’s time to create your own transcript! It’s simple, and I’ll show you how I did it, step-by-step.

1. One of the YouTube captioning recommended sites was CaptionTube so that’s where I started.

Login to CaptionTube with your Google account so you can start importing the video you want to caption.

Lucrazon - YouTube Transcript Step 1

2. After you select “Personal Video,” you’ll have to grant access to import it over.

3. You’ll see a list of your videos to choose from. Go ahead and choose the one you want to start captions on and select “Import” on the right. 

Lucrazon - YouTube Transcript Step 3

4 .Click Edit to create closed captions

5. Here you’ll be able to add individual caption lines to specific start times as well as set the duration of how long the caption will show.

Lucrazon - YouTube Transcript Step 5

6. As you add individual lines of text, you’ll see it populate as blue chunks underneath the time bar

Lucrazon - YouTube Transcrip Step 6

Here’s how I set up the line breaks as the audio runs:

We’re Lucrazon!
The only place you can get
a Website, Shopping Cart, Merchant Services, Marketing, Inventory, and more!

The longer your sentence is, the longer it should stay on the screen while the audio accompanies it.

Just take into account on trying to match up the caption to the audio as much as you can and you’ll be fine!

7. To edit any caption, just click on the blue chunk and you’ll be able to edit the text or adjust the time.

8. When you press Play, you’ll see the caption text play as well, so you’ll be able to see if you need to adjust the time or not.

9. You can drag the red line to a specific area and press Play to start from that area as well.

10. When you’re all done, it should look something like this:

Lucrazon - YouTube Transcript Step 10

11. Click Publish and it’ll take you to an options page. Typically I select Download to My Computer so I can manually upload it to YouTube should I need to make any more edits. Sometimes the timing adjusts on the actual YouTube video than on CaptionTube so it’s best to double-check (which I’ll show you how)

12. Select SubViewer (either choice is fine, but I prefer .sub) and then Download Now to get a file that looks something like “captions_en.sub”

13. Now, login to your main YouTube account and find the video the captions are for under > Video Manager.

14. Under Captions, you’ll find a blue button to “Upload caption file or transcript.”

15. Find your sub file, and select Caption file (includes time codes), then give it a name

16. Once it’s uploaded, click on the one you just named, and it’ll show the text with time stamps.

YouTube - Transcript Step 16

17. Press Play on the video, and you’ll see the captions on the bottom of the screen.

18. You’ll most likely find that you need adjustments in terms of the duration of each line.

19. If so, you’ll have to go back to CaptionTube to edit the time and re-upload manually to YouTube.

20. If you find that you made a typo, YouTube allows you to edit only the text direct only on the caption box.

That’s it!

By creating and uploading your own transcript, Google will have a better idea as to what your video is regarding instead of relying on the video title.

I encourage you to use keywords in the video as naturally as possible.  It might seem tempting to add in extra keywords into the transcript but my motto to follow is "write content for humans, not robots."

Did you find this tutorial helpful? If you have additional questions, please free to ask below!

+Alice Ly
Social Media Manager

4 Comments To "For Extra SEO Juice Add a Transcript to YouTube Videos"
ali ahmad - 12/22/2014

Video transcript making for help us to backling .on one can learn anything better then with out experiment.
Chase - 06/10/2014

If you don't have time to add transcripts yourself, you can always outsource the task to a professional transcription service, which is actually very affordable nowadays. There's a service called where you only have to provide the link of your YouTube video to get it transcribed, and it's very cheap to, only $1 per minute.
Ritchie - 03/12/2014

I will have a trial of this idea as soon as I got the pattern. Thank you for constantly posting of so many useful tips. They are such a great help to me. Thank you very much!
STEVE - 08/08/2013

Nice post

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