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Valuable SEO Tips for Small Business from Google

Valuable SEO Tips for Small Business from Google

Did you know Google provides valuable video tips on how you can improve your website’s SEO? We summarize one of the most popular videos with Maile Ohye below regarding valuable SEO tips for small businesses with websites that have content under 50 pages.

But first, here’s a refresher on some Terms we’ll be going through:

1. (SEO) Indexing: Think of it like the old school index card drawer at the library where you can look up the name of the book and the location of where it is. Search engines like Google builds their own internal index by visiting pages on the Internet to find/read content and mapping out keywords and hyperlinks. The frequency of indexing varies for each site.

2. Web Crawler/Spiders: This refers to the process of web crawling, which is how indexing is performed. Pages are “crawled” or “spidered” to look for new links and webpages.

3. Googlebot: The name of Google’s web crawling bot

4. Webmaster Tools: A free tool to improve your site’s visibility in Google’s search results.

5. Keywords: Important words that best describe your business and what people use to search for you

6. Page Title: Content that you place in between <title> tags that describes the page in a short snippet. This also shows up as the clickable search result and what appears on the top most part of the browser window/tab. You don’t want to include keywords here that aren’t relevant to the page it’s for.

Lucrazon Page Title Example for SEO

7. Meta Description: 150-160 characters that describe more of the page that the title cannot. This shows up as the description underneath the title in the search result.

8. Anchor Text: Clickable text in a hyperlink. #4 shows this as an example. It’s best to avoid generic text like “Click to read more” and instead hyperlink the meat of what you want to link to.

9. 301 Redirect: This is a permanent redirect at it signals to search engines to transfer all indexing properties from source to target

The Basics:

1. Decide on your domain if you want visitors to see the WWW. or not in the URL then 301 redirect accordingly

2. Verify ownership in Webmaster Tools and enable email forwarding so important notices can get to you

a. Perform Domain background check on your site. If it was previously a spammy site it will hinder your current site performance

3. Fetch as Googlebot

a. Crawl your website in Webmaster Tools, and then Submit to Index. Anytime you update a page, you can trigger it.

4. Include Analytics, whether it is Google or not.

5. Site Design Strategy

a. Consider different customer personas
b. Can each persona figure out where they are and is it easy to navigate?
c. Does each page contain 1 local topic that’s obvious to visitors?

6.  Define your conversion

a. Is your site’s goal to sign up for a newsletter, register, or purchase a product?
b. Don’t force users to perform extra clicks

7.  Be smart about your copy

a. Include relevant keywords naturally in text
b. Answer persona questions. You can also show reviews and explain Customer Policy

8. Each page should include a unique Topic, Title, Meta Description, Keywords in file name, and descriptive Anchor Text.

9. Check how you rank – Understand how you rank for other terms through Webmaster Tools’ Search Queries

10. Social Media Marketing – Create your identity on key sites and participate. Focus your energy where your audience hangs out.

Provide an awesome service from your small business, then generate buzz! Conversions still happen on your site so make sure it’s focused!


1. Do not hire a shady SEO especially if they guarantee anything
2. Do not participate in link schemes or buying links
3. Do not focus on site fanciness than having indexable text
4. Do not forget page loading times – Akamai research states 2 seconds is acceptable

Does your small business have any other tips to share? Feel free to comment below!


+Alice Ly
Social Media Manager
Lucrazon Ecommerce

2 Comments To "Valuable SEO Tips for Small Business from Google"
jharaphula - 06/26/2014

Helpful SEO Tricks. I implemented this SEO tips in my website. Thanks, I got a very good result to improve organic search. The practical experiences I achieved during the stage on-page SEO is sharing here
Spook SEO - 06/04/2014

Your tips are truly valuable I totally agree with this. For small business it’s hard to find such stuff and after reading your article I’m going to apply it for my own business. Keep posting stuff like that. Hope to see more stuff like this soon.

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