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5 Tips to Kickstart Your Ecommerce Business Holiday Preparation

5 Tips to Kickstart Your Ecommerce Business Holiday Preparation


Last week, we talked about some Ecommerce Holidays your business should know.

Today, we’ll discuss some more tips to kickstart your Ecommerce business holiday preparation!

While it’s still only mid-August, September is saturated with back-to-school promotions, and right after Halloween, stores are already promoting Christmas decorations! So this month is perfect for looking ahead and planning what you want to do this holiday season.

1. Have your Best-Seller(s) in Stock -

The Pareto Principle is a common rule of thumb for business – “80% of your sales come from 20% of your clients.” So what are those 20% of clients buying?

Your best-sellers should always be in stock, but even more so for the holiday season. Or perhaps, you have different best-sellers during specific seasons. This is when you’ll need to look at last year’s data to glean information that will help you be better prepared for this year.

Don’t have last year’s data to compare with?

Then review which product page had the most traffic but didn’t create a sale. If there were a lot of visitors (compared to other product pages on your site) but no conversion, it could be either a price point issue, technical issue, or description issue. Focus on these high-traffic non-converting pages to start with as you know there’s an interest in them already.

What if you’re a brand new site with no traffic?

This would be a great time to experiment with paid search with Google and/or Bing. As you know, 91% of consumers start their search on a search engine, and if you don’t know what your best sellers are just yet, starting a campaign in August would give you enough knowledge to prepare for the season. Typical campaigns won’t see results until after 60 days (some sooner) but everyday you’ll be able to see the performance on keywords.

If you don’t have time to manage a campaign yourself, we can help! Visit our Marketing & Optimization page to learn more on how our Google-Certified Managers can help.

2. Educate Consumers on  your Products –

Although there are procrastinator shoppers, there are also the research-savvy ones that will start looking up information and planning their buying list.

This is a great time to start blogging more on your website, if you haven’t done so already.

Your posts can range from unknown facts about your products, the best gifts for [insert family member type or friend], and anything interesting you feel your potential consumers are looking for.

You can also get ideas on what types of topics to write via the Google Keyword Tool. Type in some products that you have, and it will show real related search results that could help you answer some of the questions your potential customers are searching for!

3. Increase Brand Awareness via Social Media –

A great way to be seen organically on search results is with your social media profiles. If you haven’t made profiles yet, we have a list of guides here to help.

Since these social media sites have so much traffic, and are authoritative in their ranks, associating your name with those domains will benefit you and will naturally rise your profiles if a customer searches for your name.

You want to hold as much real-estate on the results page as possible, so creating these profiles (as long as you can maintain them) is a must-do.

You’ll then be able to utilize these profiles to cross-promote your educational posts from your blog!

4. Take Part in Ecommerce Holidays

Along with major well-known holidays, there are some ecommerce-only holidays that’s worth taking part of.

If it makes sense for your business, you should consider participating as it’ll increase your exposure. Some customers might even expect your business to be a part of a specific holiday as they see other websites participating.

5. Utilize a Drop Ship Supplier for Increased Inventory or Reserve Stock

Drop Ship Suppliers can add a variety of different products to your inventory. If you need more products to expand your inventory, this is a viable option as the supplier will take care of order and shipping fulfillment and ships directly to the customer for you.

As suppliers have multiple warehouses around the nation, your customers could get their products even quicker.

In addition, if your best seller is already a drop shipped product, contact your supplier to reserve enough inventory for your store! Particularly the holiday season!

We hope these 5 tips help kickstart your planning. If you have questions or tips to add, feel free to comment! Have you already started planning for the holiday season?

+Alice Ly
Social Media Manager

photo credit: DeaPeaJay via photopin cc

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