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5 Tips on Choosing a Domain Name for your Business

5 Tips on Choosing a Domain Name for your Business

While Lucrazon provides a free URL for your website when you sign up (, it’s best that you have a custom domain name of your own as it’ll be easier for your customers to remember. Not to mention, your marketing, promotional materials, and SEO will benefit on having your own branded URL instead of using Lucrazon’s default URL.

The most popular TLD (top level domain; any text before a dot and after the WWW) is the .COM

For example

5 other TLDs follow .COM in popularity which is .NET, .ORG, .INFO, .BIZ, and .US

As of June 3rd, 2013 there are 145,485,428 TLDs registered. (Source: Whois)

.COM alone has 109,125,548 domains!

With so many domains getting registered, transferred, (and deleted) each day, it’s best to find your brand’s URL quickly and to reserve the spots before someone else grabs it.

Granted, your URL should be focused around, if not solely, on your actual company name, so -

Here are 5 Tips on Choosing a Domain Name (or Brand Name!) for Your Business:

1. Make it easy to remember – This is a no brainer, yet I still see businesses with really long URLs. Keep in mind that this should also be your email extension as well, so if you already have a complicated human name, having an even more complicated brand URL is going to make it worse.

If possible keep your URL short and fairly easy to spell. Try saying it aloud as well to see if it flows well. Ask a young family member if he/she can repeat the URL you’re thinking about, because chances are, if he/she can’t say it or remember it, adults won’t either.

2. No hyphens As you’ll most likely be unable to get a single word domain (e.g., you might be tempted to affix a hyphen in your URL to separate words.

However, I don’t recommend hyphens. Your train of thought might be “but that makes it easier to read!” or “I’m adding a free keyword into my URL!” but to regular people, we’re not trained to insert hyphens when typing out URLs and a site that looks like actually gives the first impression of spamminess.

Now I’m only talking about ridding the hyphen for the main domain. For subpages (anything after your TLD), you can definitely use hyphens (like we do for our blog posts and other pages) In fact, it’s recommended instead of underscores as underscores are used in programming language. So for example if you have a URL like word1_word2, Google will only show that page if someone searches for word1_word2 exactly. But if you have something like word1-word2, then that page can show for searches related to word1, word2, and even “word1 word2.” (Source: Matt Cutts, Head of Google’s Webspam team)

3. Keep it open to future expansions – You never know what might happen in the future, so keep your URL “open” and don’t box yourself in to a specific niche. For instance, What if you want to carry other types of products not related to the dead sea? You get the idea. Keep your URL expandable for future purposes and you might save yourself a headache later.

4. Be creative With so many domains getting snapped up, you might need to get creative with your URL / brand name. Invent a word, merge together words, and create something that no one else can compete with you for.

In fact, that’s how we got our name, Lucrazon! Our CEO, Alex Pitt, had a vision to create a name as unique as our product. It stems from the word “lucrative,” which is defined as producing wealth. “Zon” is inspired by “zone.”

Lu·cra·zon noun \ˈlü-krə-zän\: To produce wealth and become profitable using the Lucrazon Ecommerce System.

Other examples? Flickr, Google, PolyVore, Pepsi to name a few. They’re not “real” words yet they’re quite memorable now!

5. Is it available on Social Media? – Getting a website and domain isn’t the end of it. You need to know if the name you chose is also available on social media! Nothing is worse than preparing everything on the domain side, and then when you go create social media profiles, the name is already taken, resulting in a compromised name!

An easy tool to check if your name is taken or not is by visiting Knowem? It’ll search over 550 social networks (both popular and emerging) and if it’s available, it links straight to the registration page for you to secure it.

Need Help Brainstorming for a Domain Name? - Enter concept words and it’ll generate domain name ideas – Enter 2 words and it’ll search for domain names, apps, and company names plus suggestions and related terms. – Submit a word and it’ll generate a list of available domain names - Similar to above, enter a word and suggestions will be made - Another domain name generator

When you’re ready to buy your domain, check GoDaddy to see pricing. Once you have your perfect domain name, be sure to buy other TLDs (.NET, .ORG etc) associated with it so it’s completely yours, even if you don’t plan on using them! It’s better to have them under your ownership, then to have someone else use the same name (but on a different TLD) to compete with you.

How to Activate Your Domain

So now you have a domain and you want to use it in place of your Lucrazon webstore URL. Check out the activation guides here for GoDaddy, Directnic, Network Solutions and more domains. You’ll be able to follow the simple instructions to point your domain to the Lucrazon server. If you need any assistance at all, reach out to your personal Technical Consultant that was assigned to you when you registered or feel free to give our reps a call at (888) 992-8989.


+Alice Ly
Social Media Manager

2 Comments To "5 Tips on Choosing a Domain Name for your Business"
Alice Ly - 07/01/2013

Thanks for stopping by, Christopher! Yes, I was keeping up with Moz's name change as well since it's always a big transition when brands decide to update. Luckily, they didn't have to change too much since the core of the name is still there. For your company's service, it definitely makes sense to include the generic terms. Glad it's working out for you!
ChristopherHofman - 07/01/2013

Good points. It's debateable if you should go for a non description brand name, or a brand name including generic terms for the service you offer. Recently SEOmoz changed name to Moz as they have become much more than just SEO. We called our company European Domain Centre 10 years ago and are quite happy for the Google rankings it gave us for specific, competitive keywords, however it is true that the brand is locked to domain names and not other services in the brand protection category.

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